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With modern communication facilities and enhanced data security, outsourcing workload to offshore destinations is now a modern business strategy utilized by numerous fast-growing companies and organizations in the United States.
  • All files received and sent back to our clients are transferred with high protection using secured ShareFile and VPN.
  • Employees are given a unique username and password that gives them different levels of access – they can only see information that they are allowed to.
  • Employees are well trained and have signed non-disclosure agreements.
  • To create a paperless environment, each employee is provided dual-monitors, with no printers available to the staff.
  • Our server is secured with a firewall and anti-virus protection.

As a business policy, we do not disclose the names of our clients to any outside source, without written consent. These procedures are explained in detail to our prospective clients, when they consider acquiring our services. Projects of all sizes are considered; small, medium and large. No long-term contracts or commitments.

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